Alabama Jubilee

Intro: Left foot lead. Couples in staggered line: front, middle, back formation.

2 Clogs

1 Triple Couples catch hands

2 Clogs

1 Triple Each of the lines move together and catch hands

4 Clogs Front line arches and moves back over the other two lines

4 Clogs Move to sets of 4

16 Clogs Swing Thru

4 Clogs Move to spokes

2 Clogs Center couples only, move forward. Others remain in place

(Center couples now become the odd couples, others are noted as evens)

2 Clogs Evens wheel in behind the odds that just moved forward.

2 Clogs Evens arch and all odds move forward diving and twirling when through the arch

4 Clogs Circle up.

16 Clogs Round Up

8 Clogs Dive and move on. Front couples may have to adjust to move correctly.

4 Clogs Exchange and Star Through

4 Clogs Open up to a circle. Key: all have to open up 1/2, even lady and odd man will drop hands an open up to a circle. Stage left set will have to adjust to make work.

16 Clogs Chain and end in All Aboard circle

12 Clogs Twirl 3 times, on the last lady will face line of dance; men will face reverse

4 Clogs Move to partner

2 Clogs Twirl

2 Clogs Odds twirl

4 Clogs Circle up

2 Clogs Those that are facing back will twirl

2 Brush

4 Clogs Arch over twice

12 Clogs Cloverleaf to a column

2 Heel Pull & Clogs

16 Clogs Tunnel to a circle

7 Clogs Ladies to the center and men on the outside all circle to meet again

1 Clog Twirl

8 Clogs To a column of couples, facing stage left

3 Brush Turns 1/4 left on each RS, end facing front

1 Pushoff Roll full turn to the left, end both arms up on the last beat