Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

Choreo: Rhonda Olney & Kristin Harkin



            Dust Bunnies:

3 beat wait.  Start on floor in a ball
Head up on 4, 5 lay back, 6 right leg up, 7 left leg up, 8 legs out, 9 cross right leg, 10 legs out
11 cross left leg, 12 legs down, 13&14 roll right to belly, 15&16scrunch up to knees

squat on feet, stand up, disco arms and wiggle right and left, lower groove arms and wiggle right

and left, cross hands over chest (right over left), arms up to V legs apart,

Arms (brush brush left left right right), Arms above head left middle around,
RS (arms down to sides)

Pull Step, Pull Step (Raise The Roof - hands)
DS, Push-Push-Push (around in circle [hands brush brush brush])



Wait 8 beats.                Have mop in both hands, horizontal
2 Click Basics              Dbl-Ball-Heel-Ball-Heel-Step, Heel Click, Step-Heel-Ball-Heel-Step
Rhythm Stamp              DS, Dbl-RS, Dbl-Rock-Stamp
Kangaroo (Slider)         DS, Slide, RS, Slide, RS
Triple Stomp                DS, DS, DS, Stomp-Stomp
2 Beats                         Grab mop to angle down right, left hand, right

2 Beats                         brush brush---mops
6 Beats                         up left right around-------mops
Left foot                       RS, S, Pull Step, Pull Step (Raise The Roof-----mop arms above head)
3 Steps                         Circle turning right mop in an angle across body

1 Stamp



Wait 32 beats behind prop until the dustbunnies and the janitors do the Raise The Roof step
1 Fancy Double            DS, DS, RS, RS
4 Stomps                      Move out to their spot on stage




Dble Out Step (like a High Pony)

DS, Dbl(OTS)-H, RS, Step Slide


Heel Split w/ Iowa      DS Dbl-Split (Left Heel OIF) Step-Heel Skuff-Heel Heel-Ball-Step-Step


MJ                              DS, DS(XIB), RS (Point or Clap-Clap)


Running Pullback Set

Step, Ball-Slapback-Step, Ball-Slapback-Step, Ball-Slapback-Step, Tch



Easy (like a Timebomb)

Kick, Stomp, RS, Stomp, RS, Stamp


Medium (like a Carpet Slide)

DS, Dbl(IF)-Step-Step, Dbl(OTS)-Step-Step, Dbl-Step-Stamp


Hard                            DS, Dbl(back)-Heel Click, Tip, Heel Click-Step(IB), Dbl-Heel Click, Tip,  Heel Click


Pivot step                    (1/2 turn right)

Pivot step                    (1/2 turn right)


1 Kick Step                 Kick (left)-Step-Step, DSRS
1 Swivel                      DS, DS, Heel-Ball(swivel)-Tip(XIB)

-Pause-                        Dust Bunnies hit butt

Janitors toss mop from 1 hand to the other
Maids twirl feather duster

1 Pony Vine                DS, Rock-Tip-Step, Rock-Tip-Step, Rock-Tip-Step
1 Triple Stomp            This will be moving to a formation


*Move to formation #1*          


STUNT PEOPLE (Dip)............


................#1 DB (ANG/TIM, EP/MT, & KH/BRAD)

Dip (1,2)/R Hand UP (3)/L Hand UP (4)/R Hand DOWN (5)/L Hand DOWN (6)/Clap Clap (7,8)


................#2 DB (DAN/JV & ASH/RO)

Step L, Hand thru Broom (1) /Step R, Hand thru Brom (2)/Dip (3,4)/R Hand UP (5)/L Hand UP (6)/Clap Clap (7,8)


...............#1 M (LOIS & BV)

Down & Up (1,2)/Down & Up (3,4)/Down & Up (5,6)/Twirl (7)/Switch Toss(8)

..............JAN (JC & LIZ)

Wait (1,2)/Out (3)/Up (4)/Out (5)/Up (6)/Around (7)/Up at angle (8)

..............#2 M (DAR & FH)

Wait (1,2,3,4)/Up (5)/Down (6)/Cross (7)/Out (8)




2 Clogs                        DSRS
1 Fancy Double          this will be moving to next formation


*DB Clap*

*Move to Formation #2*


Middle Group

........Double Doubles (8 beats)


Outside People

........Out (1)/In (2)/Out (3)/In (4)/Out (5)/In (6)/Around (7)/Up (8)

J = Brooms


DB=Hands.......Out (1)/In (2)/Out (3)/In (4)/Out (5)/In & Around (6)/Squat hands on Knees (7)/Arms up in “V” (8)



1 Hop Back   
            Hop-Dbl (IB), Hop-Dbl(IB)-Stamp, DS, Stamp-Stomp


Middle Group

.........Step Dbl Up Pullback


Outside People

........J=Out (5)/Forward (&)/In (6)/Forward (&)/Out (7)/Forward (&)/In (8)

.......M=OutHit (5)/Forward (&)/InHit (6)/Forward (&)/OutHit (7)/Forward (&)/InHit (8)

.....DB=Out (5)/Back (&)/In (6)/Back (&)/Out (7)/Back (&)/In (8) *face*




*Move to Formation #3*



2 Double Steps

*Janitor puts mop across to Maid*

*DB turns around*


*****KH/BRAD doing shoulder stunt then twirl to get KH behind BRAD then pull thru*******


J&M...Broom UP (1)

J&M...Pass thru (DB goes under broom) (2)

J&M...Broom Down (3)

J&M...Squat (4)

DB......Sit on broom (5)

J&M...Pick up DB (6)

J&M...Stomp, Stomp (7,8)


J&M...8 steps

*rotate around...FH, LIZ, JC, & LOIS*


DB.....Down off broom (1)

DB.....Step Forward (2,3)

DB (DAN&ASH).....Step behind J (JV&RO) (4)

PULL THRU....          

DAN/JV........Squat (5)/Grab (6)/Pull Thru (7,8)

ASH/RO ......Squat (5)/Grab (6)/Pull Thru (7,8)

KH/BRAD ...Squat (5)/Grab (6)/Pull Thru (7,8)


*********Rest of everyone doing SOMETHING***********


3 Drags


Double Basic   

*Move to Formation #4*


24 beats together....

½ Samantha

Triple Canadian

Canadian Lauren

Fancy Drag

½ Walk the Dog


40 beats chopped up....

8 DB

8 Transition #1

8 Maids

8 Transition #2

8 Janitors


***Break Down***

8 DB

                        J           Swooshes L to R (Ground)

M         Swooshes L to R (Air - both hands)

DB       Pony Pullback (1,2,3,4) & Clapper (5,6,7,8)

8 Transition #1

*Move to Formation #5*

J           Swooshes L to R (Ground)

M         Slide Forward/Triple Canadian (L Foot)

DB       Slide Backward/Triple Canadian (L Foot)

8 Maids

J           Swooshes L to R (Ground)

M         Kangaroo/Low Horse

DB       Squat (1)/Knees (2)/Hands Up “V” (3)/Hands Down “V” (4)/Side Knee Right (5)/Sit (6)/Leg Switch (7)/Lay on back (8)

8 Transition #2

*Move to Formation #6*

J           Step Left (1)/Step Right (2)/Wipe Left (3)/Wipe Right (4)/Step Left over DB (5)/Touch Right over DB *bring broom vertical* (6)/Canadian (7,8)

M         Left arm around (1,2)/Right arm around ends up (3,4)/Step Right (5)/Step Left (6)/Step Right (7)/Step Left (8) *both hands up in “V”*

DB       Lay down (1,2,3,4,5,6)/Roll on stomach (7/8)

8 Janitors

J           4 skuffs/DS Stomp/Tap Tap (broom)

M         Criss Cross Arms in Air *out first* (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) on 8 put arms at sides

DB       *getting up off floor* Arms (1)/To Knees (2)/R Leg (3)/L Leg *stand* (4)/Criss Cross Arms with Maids *out first*  face front on 5 *on 8 put arms at sides*


************* Should be in Formation #6 now*************                              



Scotty turn 3/4 Left or Right

J turn Right

M stay front

DB turn Left

Rooster Run

Pass thru DB & J

Brush Up (face front DB & J)


Double Up Stomp Double Stomp

4 Basics

*Move to Formation #7*



NOT stunt people....(JV, ANG, KH, DAR, FH, EP, LIZ, TIM)

Fancy Double

High Horse turn 1/4 right

2211 Rhythm


STUNT people....(JC, LOIS, DAN, BRAD, MT, BV, ASH, RO)

after 4 basics.....

4 beats get DAN & ASH up

8 beats rotate 1/4 Right

4 beats get DAN & ASH down

*should be in Formation #8*



Triple Kick


*rotate and move to Formation #9*

Double Out Basic (face back)

Karate Kick (to face front)



Double Out

½ Kangaroo



Fancy Rhythm


2 triples

*Move to Formation #10*