Barbie Girl

(Radio Edit) by Aqua

Choreo: JJ VanHorn



Left foot lead.  16 beat wait.



Part A:


2 Ponys                                     Hop, Tip(XIB)-S, Hop, Heel Skuff-Sl

L         R           R    L           R         L


1 Lauren                                    Hop, Double-Double-Step, Heel Skuff-Bounce, Heel & Tip-Step,

 L         R          R         R           L            R          L          R     R

                                                            Step-Step, Hop-Tip-Bounce, Hop-Tip-Bounce, Step(XLIB)-Slide,

              L      L      L     R       L         R     L       R         L                  L


             R                 R


1 Fancy Double                          DS, DS, RS, RS




1 Hop & Turn                            Hop-Hop-Slide. Move to the left and put weight on the left foot.

                                                  B    B      B

DT(Circle counter-clockwise)-Step, RS.  Do full turn to the left.



Part B:


1 Synco Skuff                           DS, Rock-Tip(IB)-Step, Rock-Tip(IB)-S-DS-Touch(IF)

L       R       L           L       R      L         L   R      L

&1    &       a           2        &      a         3   &a     4

DS-DS(XIF)-Tip(IB), Hop-DS-Touch(XIF), 

L      R             L            L    R       L            

&a5e&a          6             &    a7    &8

DS-DS(XIF)-Tip(IB), Skuff, Slide, Slap, Slide, Skuff,

  L    R             L             L       R       L       R        L

&a9e&a         10            &       11      &      12       &

Slide, Slap, Slide, Tip-Pull Back, DT(IB)-Slide

   R       L      R       L         R          L            R

  13      &     14      &      a     15    &a         16



1 Walker                                   DS, Heel Skuff-Click-Step-Slide, Hop, Dbl-Slide, S, Hop-

L           R           R&L R       R       L       R    L    R    L

&a        1e           &      a       2       &     a3    &     4    &

Heel Skuff-Slide, Heel-Ball, S-S-S,Hop, Double-Bo, Touch,

       R          L        R     R      L R L   L        R       L       R

       a          5         e      &      a  6 e   &       a7       &      8

Double(kick)-Double(kick)-S, RS, Hop, Double-Bo, Touch, Hop,

    R                    L                L RS     L        R       L       R        R

   &a                  9e              &   a10  &        a11    &      12      &

Tip(XIB)-Bo, Tip(IB)-Bo-Tip(XIB)-Pull Back, Slide

  L            R     L          R    L                  R           R

  a            13    &         14   &              15&a        16



Part C:


4 Steps                                      Walk in full circle to the left.



Part D:


1 Mod Joel Skuff                       DS, Heel Skuff-H, Slap-H, Tip(IB)-H, Tip(IB)-H, Heel Skuff-H,                                                                  L            R         L      R   L    R        L     R         L         R         L

&1         &         2      &   3    &        4      &       5          &         6         

Slap(XIF)-H, Tip(XIF)-H, Tip(XIF)-H, Heel Skuff-H, Slap-Step,                                                                   R            L     R           L     R           L         R         L     R      R

   &            7     &           8     &          9          &       10     &     11

Tip(XIB)-H, Tip(XIB)-H, Tip(XIB)-Hop Double-Double-Step,

  L            R     L           R     L             L        R          L         L

 &           12     &          13    &            a       14          &     15


   R     R

   &    16


1 PeeWee                                  DS-Tip(IB)-S, Hl-S, R-Tip(IB)-S, S-Hl Skuff, S-S-S,                   

  L    R         R   L L   R   L         L R     L          L R L

Hl-Skuff, DS, Dbl-Bo-Touch

    R          R     L    R      L


1 Smokin’                                 DS, DS(XIF), Drag, Stomp-Heel Skuff-Slap-Step, Drag, Stomp,

L      R                R       L             R           R      R       R        L

Double-Up & RS (turn 3/4left), Brush-Heel

          R          RL                           R       L


1 Mega Thumper                        Stomp-Stomp, Heel Skuff-H, Slap-Slide, Stomp-Stomp, Heel Skuff-

    R        L             R         L      R     L         R         L            R

    &        1             e           &    a      2         &         3             e

H, Slap-Slide, Stomp-Stomp, Heel Skuff-H, Slap-Step(XRIF)-Step(X),

L      R     L         R        L             R         L      R     R                  B

&     a      4          &       5              e         &      a      6                  &

Hop in air (click heels in air), Step & Stamp

  B                    B                       R          L

  7                                              &          8


1 Shadow Pull Back                    Left foot lead right foot follow in pull back, change weight at end.


1 Crimp Roll Plus                       Ball-Ball-Heel-Heel, RS, Step-Slide

   R     L      R       L    RL    R      R


1 JJ Skuff                                 DS&Heel Skuff-Slide, DT(IB)-Bo, DSRS

L             R           L      R           L    R LR

&a           1           e       &a        2   &a3&4


1 Shadow Doubles                     Double-Double, Double-Double, ,RS, Heel Skuff-Hop, Double-Double,

    R           R           L           L       LR         L           R       R            R

   &a         1e          &a        2e       &3         &          4       &a          5e

Double-Double, R-Tip(IF)-Step, R-Heel-Ball Slap-Step

     L           L      L    R          R    L     R         R          R

    &a        6e      &   a            7    &    a          8           e





Part E:


2 Walkers                                  Turn ˝ on each at the pull back.



Part F:


2 Irish Basics                             Step, Push-Pull-Slide, RS

1 Triple Irish Step                      Step, Push-Pull-Slide, Step, Push-Pull-Slide, Step, Push-Pull-Slide-Step

1 Riffle                                      DS, Heel Skuff-H, Slap-H, Tip(IB)-H, Heel Skuff-H, Slap-Step(XRIF),

L            R        L      R   L    R         L         R          L     R      R      


 L   R


1 Triple Dyno Double                 Double-Double, Double-Double, Double-Double, Hop-Tip-Heel-Stamp

    R           R           L           L          R            R        L     R     L        R

     (Second time thru, must adjust the weight change on the stamp to accommodate next step)




Part G:


1 Shadow Pull Back

1 Crimp Roll Plus

1 JJ Skuff

1 Shadow Doubles





2 Ponys

1 Lauren

˝ Smokin’                                DS, DS(XIF), Drag, Stomp-Heel Skuff-Slap-Step (turn to the right)

L      R                R       L             R           R      R



Sequence:        Intro, A, B, C, D, E, F, C, D, G, F, E (turn 1/4 on each), E (turn 1/4 on each), F, Ending.