Choreo:  Rob and Sheryl Keller






Wait 8 beats


Intro:  1 clog---clap & arms out

           1 clog---swing arms down and around in a circle

           1 clog---clap clap

           1 clog---clap & to hips


A:         kick-kick (L) jump kick-kick (R)

            Stomp double (turn ½ R)

                        REPEAT PART A


B:         ds drag step (clap) ds loop step (arms up around clap above head)

            Ds touch  touch step clap (turn ½ L)

                        REPEAT ABOVE 2 STEPS

            2 unclogs

            1 fancy double


C:         Ds touch across

            Ds touch across

            Ds touch across touch out touch behind

                        REPEAT PART C OPPOSITE FOOTWORK


B:  MODIFIED  ds kick step ds loop step

                           Ds touch touch step clap (turn all the way around)


D:            Samantha (forward)  (on drags arms up)

            2 clap basics

            stomp double-up rs clap stomp(punch R arm on stomp)

                        REPEAT PART D


****Jazz**** rs (pause) turn ¼ L

                        clap clap

                        heel pivot (1/2) step

                        kick L step step

                        REPEAT JAZZ SECTION




SEQUENCE:  Intro, A, B, C, B modified, D, A, B, C, B modified, D, A2x, Jazz, C, D2x,

                        End—step turn R, L hand up