Daddy’s Money



Left foot lead.  8 beat wait. 

8  Clogs                  DSRS.  Move on to the stage as couple in open position facing counter-clockwise in circle.


Part A:

1  Triple                  DS. DS, DS, RS.  Lace across.   Couples catch hands (outside hands) in front, lift arms and the lady passes in front of man while exchanging sides but moving forward in the same direction.

1  Triple                  In place.

2  Brush Turns      DS, Brush-Heel, DS, RS.  Turn ¼ away from one another on the RS.  (2nd time through, turn away from each other again but turn ¼ on the first and ½ on the second.  End facing partner, holding both hands)

                REPEAT ABOVE 3 STEPS AGAIN


Part B:

4  Clogs                  Move forward and back twice.  One clog for each movement.  First time forward, meet to right hips, second time to left hips.

4  Clogs                  Orbit.  Do-Si-Do holding on to arms.

4  Clogs                  Catch rights hands and ladies twirl 1¼ counterclockwise to end in vars. position in original counterclockwise circle.

2  Triples                Move forward.

2  Clogs                  Ladies twirl 1¼ counterclockwise and all step forward to catch hands in an alamo circle with the men facing out and the ladies facing in.

2  Brush Forward and Clogs Backs


2  Clogs                  Turn ½ by the right to have men facing in and ladies facing out in the circle.  2nd time, turn ½ by the left to end with men facing out again.

1  Brush Forward and Clog Back



2  Clogs                  Turn ¾ by the right to end with the men on the inside facing counter-clockwise in a circle and the ladies on the outside in a clockwise facing circle.

4  Clogs                  Everyone move forward in the two circles to meet partner and twirl back to original circle on the last clog using the men’s right hand and the ladies left with the twirl going counter-clockwise.




REPEAT PART B.  At the end rather than going 4 clogs to your partner and twirling, USE 8 CLOGS to pass your partner once and when you meet the second time change spots in a clockwise motion to have the ladies on the inside and the men on the outside.  Do this on the 8th clog.  USE ANOTHER 4 CLOGS to move forward again in your individual circles to meet once your partner again.  USE ANOTHER 2 CLOGS and twirl.  This time the men will have to their right hands with the ladies left and as the ladies twirl the men will have to move around and forward to end back in the original circle facing counter-clockwise.




REPEAT PART B.  This will end with 4 clogs to your partner and twirl.  Use the last beats to create and ending unique for your group or to exit from the stage.