Choreo Joey VanHorn



Intro:  begin when singing  “We’ll be dancin’…”  left foot lead


2 Kick Steps                DT-bounce Kick (extend the leg stiff kneed forward)

                                    l         l           r

                                    Bo Touch (IF) Bo Kick Bo Touch Bo Kick Bo Kick

                                    L       r              l         r     l      r       l        r     l       r

                                    (on kicks, leg will be used as a pendulum;  the 1rst kick will be up

                                    & across, 2nd will be back),

                                    Bounce drag slide (lift the right leg up and back),

                                    Both         b     l


                                      R lr

Part A

2 Brushovers                DS, brush slide ds flange flange flange

                                    l       r        1      r        l      r          l

1 Brush Back Turn     ds brush slide rs brush slide

                                    1     r        l     rl    r         l

1 clog                           dsrs

1 Reel                          flange heel heel slide (lift leg up as brush)

                                    r          l         l      r


1 Pump-Up-The-Volume Turn     stomp ds rock step ball ball step ds ds rs (turn ¾ to                                                                         the left)

1 Mega Thumper                                   stomp stomp heel skuff slide toe slap slide

                                                            r          l              r            l        r        l

                                                            stomp stomp heel skuff slide toe slap slide

                                                            r            l            r              l      r         l

                                                            stomp stomp heel skuff slide touch ball step

                                                            r            l           r               l     r         b       b

                                                            drag slide (face front)

                                                            b        b

Part B

4 clogs

2 slur brushes               ds slur step ds brush slide

                                    l       r    r      l       r        l

2 Fauxes                      ds bounce touch

                                    l      l           r

1 Rhythm Turn            ds bo touch(IF) bo touch(IB) bo touch(IF) bo touch (turn ½ right)


                                    bo touch (IF) bo touch (IB) bo touch(IF) bo touch (turn ½ right)

                                    l      r              l       r             l        r            l    r

1 Joey                          dt ball (ots) ball (xib) ball (ots) ball (ots) ball (xib) ball (ots) step   



1 Pump-Up-The Volume Turn     turn 1 ¾ to the left

1 Mega Thumper

Part C

1 Kick Step                 

1 Hoedowner               ds rock(xif) step(xib) rock step (xif) step slide

1 Fancy Double dsds rsrs

2 Brush Turns               ds brush slide ds rock (turn ¼ left) step


Part D

1 Bell Kick                   ds chug (at the peak of the step, heels should meet)

1 clog  

REPEAT 3 more times to end facing front again



2 Kick Steps

1 ½ Dragon Slayer   hop ds (with foot in circular motion on DT, turn ¼ left       

                                    extending the left heel out)



Intro A B C D B C D ½ of A End