Don’t be Stupid


Intro:  8 Beat wait.  Left foot lead.


Part A:

1 Slide                                                     DS, Slide, RS, Slide, RS

1 Triple                                                   DS, DS, DS, RS


Part B:

1 Double Rock Brush                             DS, DS, RS, Brush-Heel

1 Rock Turkey                                        R, Heel – Ball, S, DSRS.  Turn ½ left on the Heel

                                                                L      R        R   L   R LR

                REPEAT ABOVE 2 STEPS AGAIN


Part C:

1 Joey Slide                                             DS (OTS), Ball(XIB), Ball(OTS), Ball(OTS), Ball(XIB), Sl-Sl

                                                                L                   R               L                R                 L              L  L

1 Triple

1 Swiveler                                               DT-Swivel(L), Swivel(R), Swivel(L), Swivel(R), Bo-Bo-Slide

                                                                L         B               B               B                B            R   R     L   


1 Fancy Double                                      DS, DS, RS, RS

1 Cowboy                                               DS, DS, DS, Brush-Heel, DS, RS, RS, RS,

2 Clogs                                                    DSRS

2 Brushes                                                DS, Brush-Heel


Part D:

1 Vine                                                      DS, DS(XIB),DS,RS

1 Little Thumper                                    Stomp, RS, Stomp, RS, Stomp

1 Triple

1 Vine


Part E:

4 McNamara                                           (& Step) Heel, Ball, Ball (XIF)

                                                                      (R)       L      L       R

1 Triple

1 Brush Forward & Clog Back

4 Step Slides          

1 Fancy Double

1 Fuller Brush                                         DS, Brush-Heel, RS, Brush-Heel

1 Triple


Part F:

1 Samantha                                              DS, DS(XIF), Drag, Step(XIF), Drag, Step, RS, DS, DS, RS

1 Timber Step                                         DS, RS, DS, Kick, RS, DS, Loop(XIB), RS

1 Samantha


Part G:

1 Stamp & Kick                                      DS, Stamp-RS-Stamp-RS.   Kick the opposite leg forward on the rocks

1 Triple


Part H:

1 Tennessee Mountain Clog   Stomp, Double-Heel, DSRS

1 Vine & Double Up                               DS, DS(XIB), DS, DT-Heel

                                REPEAT ABOVE 2 STEPS THREE MORE TIMES


Sequence:  Intro, A, B, C, ½ B, C, D, E, F, G, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, F, E, H, END WITH 2 STOMPS