Frank Ryan's Hornpipe

High Intermediate Routine – Irish Step/Hornpipe


Music:             Matthew Johnson, Carving Out a Tune, Robert Gregory Productions, 29 Feick Crescent,

                        Stratford, Ontario N5A 5X3, Phone (519) 273-1545

Choreo:          Sudi Regan, Steppin’ Xpress, P.O. Box 2418, Burleson, TX  76097, (817) 790-3015     (2/99)


Sequence:     Intro., A, ½ A, B, C, B, D, A, (do not do ½ A) E, End          


Entrance:       Wait 4 Beats, Start Immediately

Intro:               (Hop on & of the 1st beat, Clap each time thereafter)

4 Sets              Stomp, Syncopate                  ST (1/4 Turn Left), DT, S, S, DT, S, S

                                                                        1                               &a   2   &   3e   &  4

                        (Repeat 4 times in all, making a square to the left)


Part A:


2 Sets              Hornpipe                                  DS, ST, ST, RS (xif), DT, Hop, S (xib), RS (xif),

                                                                        &a1  &     2     &3           e&    a      4            &5   

DT, Hop, S (xib), DT, Hop, S, Ball, Heel, Ball

E&     a     6            e&     a     7     &        a       8

1 Set                Canadian Vine                         DS, Drag, S (xif), DS, S (xib), Scuff, Slide (chug)

                                                                        &a1    &      2           &a3 &               a         4

                        Canadian Touch                     DS, DT, Hop, Touch(R) , DS, DT, Hop, Touch(L)

                                                                        &a5  e&    a          6       &a7  e&     a         8

1 Set                ½ A Pony & ½ A Touch          DS, Dbl Out, S (xib), S (xif), S (xib), (moving to left) Scuff, Heel,

                                                                        &a1  &a    2     &           3           &                                          a        4   

S (xib), S (xif), S (xib), (moving to right) Scuff, Heel,

&            5           &                                       a         6

S (xib), S (xif), DT, S, Touch(L)

&            7           Ea   a       8

                        Repeat Hornpipe Only


Part B:           


1 Set                Frank’s Tip                              DS, Tip, Scuff, Heel, Heel, Flap, Tip (xib), Heel, Touch (xib)

                                                                        &a1  e        &        a         2       &        3               &         4

                                                                        DS, DT, Hop, Touch(R) , Dbl (R), S, Dbl (L) , Hop, Tip (xib)

                                                                        &a5  e&    a          6               &a         7    e&           a       8


2 Set                Click It                                     S, S, DT, Click Heels, S(R) S, S, DT, Hop, Touch(R) - Repeat

                                                                        &  1   ea            a            2       &   3   ea      a          4


1 Set                Canadian Vine & Canadian Touch

1 Set                ½ A Pony & ½ A Touch



Frank Ryan's Hornpipe


Choreo:          Sudi Regan, Steppin’ Xpress, P.O. Box 2418, Burleson, TX  76028, (817) 295-CLOG        (2/99)



Part C:


2 Sets              Double Brush Switch              DS, BrUp, DS, DT, Hop, Tip (R) (switch) – Repeat on Right

                                                                        &a1  &2    &a3  e&    a      4                         &a5, &6, &a7, e&, a, 8

2 Sets              Canadian Push Off                 DS, RS, RS, DT, Hop, Tch (with clap) – Repeat to Right

4 Sets              Brush-a-Hop                           DS, BrUp, H,  Tch(xif), H, DT, Hop, Tip(R)(xib) – Repeat 3 times

                                                                        &a1,   &      2    &          3   e&    a      4


Repeat Part B:          Frank’s Tip, Click It, Canadian Vine & Canadian Touch, ½  A Pony & ½ a Touch


Part D:


4 Sets              Circles                                     Do rock steps for 4 sets of 8 counts, making circles.

(32 Beats)                                                       Circle All, Circle 4, Circle 2, Break on 1st Count of 4th set of 8 

and return to one line

(If you do not have at least 8 dancers, the circles do not work well.  You can substitute 2 sets of “Celtic Cry”)

****Celtic Cry              left foot front    stamp L, stomp L, stomp R, dble L, hop R, step L in back

                                    stamp R, stamp R, stomp R, stomp L, dble R, hop L, step R in back

                                    2 Irish basics 

                                    1 triple Irish

                                    **reverse entire sequence**


Repeat Part A:           Hornpipe, Canadian Vine, Canadian Touch, ½ A Pony, ½ A Touch

(Do not repeat ½ A)


Part E:


1 Set                Scotty’s Scuffit                        DS, Scuff, H, Br, H, Toe, H, Scuff, H, Br(xif), S, Toe, H (Tn 1/4 Rt)

                                                                         L       R      L  R   L    R    L      R     L   R         R   L    R

                                                                        &a1    e      &   a   2    e    &      a     3    e         &   a     4

1 Set                Canadian Joey                        DS, Toe, Ball, H, Ball, H, Ball, Toe, Ball, DT, Hop, Touch

                                                                        &a5   e     &     a    6     e    &     a      7      e&    a         8

Repeat – 4 sets in all, turning ¼ on each Scuffit, ending facing front.


End:                Finish last Double Hop Touch crossing left over right, arms in a V




Hope you enjoy this routine.  If you have any questions, e-mail me at