I Just Wanna Be Happy by Gloria Estefan


Intro:  8 Beat wait.  Left foot lead.


1 Pull                                       DS, Rock-Tip Step, Rock-Tip Step, Rock Tip Step

1Split Turn                             Dbl-Step (Split and turn ¼ left), pause, Step, RS, Step Slide.  Turn ¾ left

1 PeeWee                              DS-Tip(IB)-S, Hl-S, R-Tip(IB)-S, S-Hl Skuff-Bo, S-S-S,

&1   e          &   a 2   &   a         3 &     a          4   & 5 &

  L    R         R   L L   R   L        L R     L         R    L R L

Hl-Skuff-Bo, DS, Dbl-Bo-Touch

                a          6    &7   &E  a      8      

                R         L     R     L    R      L


Part A:

1 Coleen Turn                         Hop Dbl-Dbl (XLIB). Step Kick(XRIF)-Kick(un-X), Bo, Split (turn ¼ left),

                                                  L       R    L                  L        R                 R               B        B


Step Heel Skuff – Step, Dbl-Bo(XRIB), Dbl-Bo(XLIB), Split (Left Heel in

   L           R             R      R    B                 L   B                   B


front), Slide



1 Pull Step Slide                      DS, Rock-Tip Step, Rock-Tip Step, Step Slide

Double Double Split Slide      Hop, Dbl-Dbl, Step Slide, Step Slide, Split Heel Slide

                                                   L       R    R      R      R       L     L         B     L      R


1 Hoedowner                          DS(extend leg in front), Rock(XRIF), Step(extend leg in front), Rock(IB extend leg in front), Step(XLIF), Step(IB)-Slide


1 Pull Double Down               DS, Rock-Tip-Step, Rock-Tip-Step-DS-Touch


8 Double Round Kick             Dbl-Dbl, Dbl-Dbl…….Kick(XIF)-Kick(X)

                                                   R    R      L     L


1 Modified Samantha            DS, DS(XLIF), Drag-Step, Drag-Step, Rock-DS, Step Slide, Step Slide,

                                                L      R                  R     L        L       R      L      R      L     L        R      R 





1 Lil’ Cris                               Dbl-Bo (left) – Dbl- Bo (right), Kick, Step-Tip Step, Heel Step, Heel-

                                                  L    B                 R    B                L        L     R     R      L      L           R


Skuff-Heel, Flap Step,  Touch(XIF)-Bo, Touch (IB)-Bo, Step-Step-Step

                                                             L       R     R          L              R       L               R     L      R      L


1 Split Chug Pull                   Pause, Split (Left Heel OTS) – Step, Slide(bring right foot up to back

                                                                                  B                                   L       L


of left knee) – Drag, Split (Left Heel OTS) – Step, Slide

                                                                              L         B                                       L        L



Rock-Tip Step, Rock-Tip Step, Rock-Tip Step, Step, Slide

                                                   R      L     L        R     L     L       R      L     L       R       R



2 Step Kicks                           Step Slide (Chug), RS

                                                   L      L        R      RL


1 Scissors Step                        Dbl, Bo(out)-Bo(XLIF)-Bo(out)-Bo(XRIF)-Bo(out)-Bo(XLIF)-Slide

1 Dynamite Double Down     DBL-DBL-DBL-DBL-DBL-DBL(XIB)-DS

                                                   L       R       L       R      L       R              L  


2 Step Heel Skuffs

1 Country Step                       Stomp, Hop-DS & Touch, Stomp Heel Skuff - Click Flap Step, Heel Skuff –

    R        L      R         L          L            R              L       R     R           L


Click Flap Step, Heel Skuff –Click Flap Step

                                                                   R      L      L            R              L    R      R


1 Riffle                                    DS, Heel Skuff,-Heel, Flap-Heel, Tip(IB)-Heel, Heel Skuff-Heel, Flap-Step,

                                                L            R            L       R      L       R           L          R            L       R       R



   L              R


1 Canadian Tap                       DS, Dbl-Bo, Stamp-Stamp, Hop, Dbl-Bo, Tip-(XIB)-Tip(XIB), Hop, Dbl-Sl,

                                                                L       R    L      R          R       R      L    R     L                L              L       R   L


Step-Dbl-Sl, Step-Dbl-Sl, Step

                                                   R    L     R    L      R   L    R


TS Jazz                                   Step (knee up & touch), Step (knee up & touch), Step Touch, Drag (IB), Step, RS

                                                   L       R                           R       L                            L      R         L     R      R    LR


Synco-PB                                DS, Rock-Tip Step, Rock-Tip Step, Step Slide, RS, Tip PB, Touch Step, PB, Touch-

                                                L       R      L      L       R      L     L      R      R     LR       R         L        L     L       R



   R      R


1  Skuff Shuffle                       DS, Heel Skuff(OTS)-Heel, Rock-Step-DS-Stamp, Clap, Hop-Dbl, Hop-Dbl, Hop-Dbl-

                                                L            R                      L       R       L     R      L                  L      R     R     L      L     R


Step, Touch-Slide

                                                  R        L         R


LCC                                        DBl-Bo(LXIB), Kick up, Kick out, Rock-Tip Step-Heel-Step-Step, Pause, Step-Step-


Step, Pause, Kick out, Kick up & back, Bounce, Kick out, Kick up & back, Bounce, Kick


out, Kick up & back, Bounce, Hop-Tip-Step-Heel-Step, Hop-Tip-Step-Heel-Step, Step



1 Canadian Heel                      DS, DT-Heel, DT-Heel, Hop, Heel Bounce, DT-Tip(IB)-Rock (& Kick) Step, DSRS

                                                L     R      L        R     L     L          R               R    R           R             L       L      R LR


2 Canadian Basics                   Bo, Dbl-S-Dbl-Bo, Touch


1 Canadian Kick                      Bo, Dbl-S-Dbl-Bo, Touch, Drag (kick IB)-Step


2 Burton Slips                         Dbl-Dbl-Step Slide


1 Cross Tip                             DS, DS(XIF & Tip [XIB]) Hop, DS, Dbl-Rock, Step

                                                L      R                 L                L      R    L      L        R



1 Rhythm Step Slide               Hop Dbl-Dbl-Step, Heel Skuff-Slide (XIF), Hop Dbl-Dbl-Step, Heel Skuff-Slide (XIF),

                                                  L      R    R     R           L            R                  L      R   R      R            L          R


Hop Dbl-Dbl, Dbl-Dbl, Dbl-Dbl-Step, Heel Skuff-Slide(XIF)

  L      R     R     L     L     R     R     R          L             R


1 Modified Samantha

1 Lil’ Cris

1 Split Chug Pull

2 Step Kicks

1 Dynamite Double Down

2 Step Heel Skuffs

1 Country Step

1 Riffle

1 Canadian Tap

1 TS Jazz


1 Flap Jack                              DS, Dbl-Rock (split), Step Heel Skuff-Heel, Touch (IF)-Heel, S-Sl(Hl Sk), S-Sl(Hl Sk),

                                                L       R      R                  L          R           L         R              L    R  R     L      L  L     R


Rock, Step-Dbl-Step & Touch, Dbl-Dbl-Step, Heel Skuff-Heel, Rock, Step-Dbl-Step &

   R        L      R     R           L       L     L     L          R             L      R         L     R      R


Touch, DS, DS-Tip-Step(XIB&twist)-Stomp, Hop, DS & Touch

                                                    L        L    R    L      L                           R        L      R          L


1 Jamie                                    Hop, Dbl-Dbl, Bo, Split (Left Heel out), Step Heel Skuff-Heel, Touch-Heel, Hop, Tip-

                                                  L       R    R     B      B                               L          R           L         R      L         R     L


Step(XIB), Step-Slide, Hop, DS, Step-Slide

                                                   L                R      R       L      R     L      L


1 Triple                                   DS, DS, DS, RS

1 Heel Bounce Stet                 Dbl, Bo-Bo (Right Heel IF), Bo-Bo(Left Heel IF), Bo (Right Heel IF)-Bo(Left Heel IF) –

                                                  L    L    L                              R    R                         L                             R





T-Step #5                                DS, Dbl-Bo (down), Step-Step-Step-Step (full turn), Pause, Step & Kick, Rock Step,



Dbl-Ball, Heel Ball, Heel Step, DS, Dbl-Bo, Dbl-Bo, Tip Step, Hop DBl Touch, Bo-



Touch(XIB), Bo-Touch(XIF), Step RS



16 Beats


16 Beats


12 Beats  ENDING