Hey Mama by Black Eyed Peas

Easy level dance

Choreo: Joe J. VanHorn, 3118 E 42nd St, Des Moines, IA 50317, (515) 265-3652, e-mail: jjvscc1@aol.com,

Web site: www.cloggers.cjb.net



16 Beat Wait; Left Foot Lead

6 Clogs                                    DSRS Move on to stage to Beginning Position (See Below)

2 DS                           

1 Slur


Part A:

4 Clog                                      Backing up

4 Clog                                      Move to Position (1-8)

4 Clog                                      Rock Behind

4 Clog                                      Circle

2 Triple Brushes                       DS, DS, DS, Brush-H


Part B:

Steps 1 – 7 Use sequentially each time through dance(Step 1 for the first time thru Part B, Step 2 for the second time…)


Step 1  1 High Horse                DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, RS, Step-Slide, DS, DS, RS

Step 2 2 Chug Donkeys           DS, Chug(OTS)-H, Touch(XIF)-H, Touch(IF)-H

Step 3  1 High Horse

Step 4  2 4ct Crossovers          DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, DT(XIF)-H

Step 5  1 High Horse

Step 6  1 Hoedowner               DS, R(XIF)-S(XIB), R(OTS)-S(XIF), S(XIB)-Slide (This is a stiff kneed step)

            1 Double Joey              DS(OTS), S(XIB), S(OTS), S(OTS), S(XIB), S(OTS), S, DS(OTS), S(XIB), S(OTS),


            1 Heel Bounce Set        Dbl, Bo(right heel OIF)-Bo(right heel OIF), Bo(left heel OIF)-Bo(left heel OIF),

Bo(right heel OIF)-Bo(left heel OIF), Slide

Step 7  1 High Horse



4 Clog                                      Backing up

4 Clog                                      Move to End Position


Sequence: Intro, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, A, B, End



Begin:   2 Lines Offset

#1        F-M-B

#2        2 Single File Columns

#3        B-M-F

#4        2 Single File Columns reverse the first time

#5        Columns Slide through ending in /\

#6        Box

#7        Rotate Box

End:     2 Lines Offset