Ioway - State Fair


Dance begins with men’s left foot; ladies’ right.

Two column facing at the front of the stage.


24 Clogs                                   Alternating tunnel complete and move to the back of the stage and then forward, alternating couples into one column.  If there are additional couples they will start in the back and lead into the single column.

1 Vine                                      DS(OTS), DS(XIB), DS(OTS), RS. Move apart.

1 Triple Brush                           DS, DS, DS, Brush-SL

1 Vine

1 Triple                                     DS, DS, DS, RS

16 Clogs                                   Cloverleaf to one big circle

4 Clogs                                     Left allemande, ladies stay facing in and slide across in front of partner

2 Clogs                                     Move inward

1 Triple                                   ***Ladies only triple and turn ½ to the left end in Alamo circle

(Men 2 Clogs)


2 Clogs                                     Turn ½

1 Brush Forward & Clog Back



6 Clogs                                     Every 2, turn 1/2 left, right, left

2 Clogs                                     Curly-Q twirl

4 Clogs                                     Rock apart - together, turn 1/2 to change sides


2 Clogs                                     Move forward, inside circle catch hands

1 Triple                                     Inside circle arch and outside circle dive in



1 Triple                                     Inside circle arch and outside circle dive in

7 Steps & Heel Touch               Move to two lines


1 Brushover Vine                 DS, Brush(XIF)-H, DSRS, DS, DS(XIB), DSRS

1 Triple Brush

1 Triple                                     Lace Across



2 Clogs                                     Ladies roll to the back on 1; men forward on 2

2 Clogs                                     End in 4 lines: 1st two are men; 2nd two are ladies

2 Triples                                   Center line of men arch on 1st, center line of ladies dive on 2.  Now the lines are men, women, men women

2 Clogs                                     Roll away once down each line to the left

2 Triples                                   Men arch on 1st and ladies dive to end with lines W, W, M, M

1 Turkeys                                 Heel-Ball-Step, DSRS  Move left

1 Triple                                     Move to the right, staggering the lines

1 Slap-Clap Sequence

4 Clogs                                     Move to 1st ending position with women forming a “/\”

2 Brush

1 Cowboy                                 DS, DS, DS, Brush-Sl, DS, RS, RS, RS  Move to “V”

2 Clogs

1 Double                                   DS, DS, RS

1 Step


Pause for music

Line Dance Piece


4 McNamaras                           Heel(OTS), Ball-Ball(XIB)-Step(OTS)

1 Triple

1 Brush Forward & Clog

4 Reverse Birdwalks            Ball(XLIB heels inward)-Swivel(on balls with heels out)

1 Fancy Double                         DS, DS, RS, RS

1 Stomp Turn                            Stomp, DT(IB)-H (turn ½ left), RS, Step-Sl

3 Steps & Pause            Split to two lines

3 Steps & RS                            Face front


1 Over Vine 2                           DS, DS(XIF), DS, S (XIB), DS, DS(XIF), DS, RS

1 Football                                  DS, Chug-H, RS, Chug-H, RS, DSRS, Chug-H



1 Pot Hole                                DS (& Split apart toes in)-Bo(heels in & together)-Slide, DSRS

1 Fancy Double                         DS, DS, RS, RS



1 Triple

1 Part Maggie                           DS, DT (OTS)- H, Hop(XLIF)-Bo(L Heel Dig)-Slide

1 Rooster Run                           DS, DS, R-S(XIF), R-S(XIB)

2 Chasin’ the Heels            Heel-Heel-Step, RS

1 Rooster Run

2 Turkeys

1 Mod Shania                            Stomp, Slur, R-Stomp, Slur, R-Stomp-Step-Step-Pause

4 McNamaras                          

1 Triple

1 Brush Forward & Clog

4 Reverse Birdwalks           

1 Fancy Double

2 Brush

1 Cowboy


4 Clogs                                     Everyone move on stage and into final position

1 Brush Forward & Clog Back

1 Clog Hop                               DS, RS, Hop (on ball of foot) Drop heel then Heel Tch

                                                L     RL    R                                        R                  L