Joe’s Favorite

Choreography: Joe VanHorn, 3118 E 42nd St, Des Moines, IA 50317,



16 beat wait

Left foot lead

Start in one column of couples.  Lead couples: last two couples in column


4 Clogs                                     DSRS In place

4 Clogs                                     Split into two columns, every other couple moving right; others left

8 Clogs                                     All couples split one step apart and begin backing up.  Hands go down to side on first clog.  Lead couple moves forward 4 men on outside; ladies through center.  4 clogs move toward one another.  All other couples follow in procession, 4 beats behind one another

16 Clogs                                   Weave through line

8 Clogs                                     California twirl and arch over couples, others follow 4 beats behind.  Free hand goes to hip after twirl.

24 Clogs                                   Lead couples peel away to the back and begin a blend to one column.  Move forward and split apart, forming single line of 12 people, if more than 12 form two lines, all facing forward

1 Simone Stomp                        DSRS, DSRS, DS, DS, Stomp-Stomp, Drag Slide

Slight pause

12 Clogs                                   Reform column, ends move by one, inward and behind next person on the odd clog, in place on even.  Continue until column is reformed

4 Clogs                                     Split apart as before, forming a circle and turn to single file, counter-clockwise on the last clog

8 Clogs                                     Ladies roll away to reverse and all move forward, end beside partner

8 Clogs                                     All roll right to change positions and move forward to meet again

2 Triples                                    DS, DS, DS, RS, star through to form a circle facing inward, all holding hands

4 Clogs                                     Left allemande

10 Clogs                                   Right and left grand, moving clogs each to the 6th person

4 Clogs                                     Courtesy turn

6 Clogs                                     Chain across to partner

4 Clogs                                     Courtesy turn and form circle, holding hands on the last clog

4 Clogs                                     Double twirl

16 Clogs                                   1st lead couple dives through arch made by last couple, reform new couples and make 1st ending position, F-M-B

2 DS

1 Pause

1 Stomp


8 Beat wait