“Just A Couple Of Sisters”

revised 2003—show duet (Julie and Brandi)


wait 8 beats

Julie walk in singing---24 beats

Brandi posed kneeling with Bible

Brandi get up grab Bible ---5 stomps toward Julie

Julie shimmy and lay crown on floor

Brandi curtsy (your highness)

Julie laugh

BOTH---on “Hit It” catch hands behind back---holding Bible in front


2 clog

pushoff ---wheel around full circle

2 clog

vine apart brush

cowboy---Julie front, Brandi back

2 clog---hit hands as Julie rolls back

grab hands-----apart pose

Brandi wrap-up and unwrap


Junior wrap-up




Rooster run

Mountain goat

2 clog-forward

2 steps---hike up dress to show garter



FlapJack step

Missy Kicker

Triple roll

**Duck as Julie swings to hit



This whole section

On “Like a rock” Brandi does pullback



2 clog

heel step---Bible up

heel step---Bible up



Bibles up and down (opposite)

Robot 2X each

2 clog

Raise the roof (with Bibles)

3 steps and rs (circle toward the back)

triple (Brandi lace across)

triple (Julie roll across)

chug donkey

ds heel-ball step heel-ball step heel-ball step

2 clog wrap

ds dble out rs dble out rs ds---dip step

vine over (right)

ds touch-X touch-OTS touch-X

vine over

fancy double-Julie twirl

do si do ( 8 steps)

step kick step kick

quick steps –Julie pulling Brandi back

step kick step kick

jazz square

step kick step kick

jazz square

slider (with Bibles-up and out)


flange step—ds dble flange heel heel up


2 clog---Brandi roll in front and kneel to pose

after 2 clog Julie do 3 steps and pose