Let Me In by Run C&W

Choreo: Joey J. VanHorn


Left foot lead. 16 beat wait

8 Shuffles Drag‑Slide on both feet

1 Fancy Double DS, DS, RS, RS.

1 High Pony DS, DT‑Heel, RS, Step‑Slide


Part A:

1 Fiddlin' Man Turn DS, DS, DS, RS, RS(turn 1/4 left), Brush‑Slide


2 Scoots DS, Slide, Step

1 Fancy Double Turn 1/4 to the left on the last RS

1 Fiddlin' Man Turn

2 Scoots

1 Scotty DS, DT(XIF)‑Heel, DT(X)‑Heel, Hop(XLIF)‑Hop(un

cross). Turn 1/4 to left on crossovers.


Part B:

1 Clog Over Vine DS, DS(XIF), DS, DS(XIB), DS, DS(XIF), DSRS

1 Avalanche DSRS, DSRS, DS, DS, Hop&Kick, RS



Part C:

2 Scoots To the left

4 Runs DS. Backing up

2 Scoots To the right

4 Runs Backing up

1 Stomp & Skuff Stomp, Heel Skuff(turn 1/2 right)‑Heel, DSRS

2 Scoops DT‑Heel, Leg up & around(C‑Clockwise)‑Heel

2 Rock Steps

2 Runs

1 Rock & Heel Pivot Turn 1/2 to the left & step on left foot

2 Stomps

1 Jump & Clog Jump on both feet, right h‑skuff(OTS)‑SL, DSRS

2 Stomps

1 High Pony

1 Double DS, DS, RS

2 RS & Brush RS, RS, Brush‑Slide

2 Scoots Forward

4 Runs Backing up

1 Ghost Buster Turn DS, DT(XIF)‑H, DT(X)‑H, 4 Steps(turn full turn

left), Brush(OTS)‑Slide, DSRS


Part D:

1 Joey Slide DS(OTS), S(XIB), S(OTS), S(OTS), S(XIB), Slide

Slide to the right

1 Triple DS, DS, DS, RS

2 Brush DS, Brush‑Slide

1 Forward & Back DS Brush‑Slide, DSRS

2 Cross Touches DS, Touch(XIF)‑Heel

1 4ct Crossover DS, DT(XIF)‑H, DT(X)‑H, DT(XIF)‑H

1 Brush Back Stamp DS, Brush(IF)‑H, Brush(IB)‑H, Stamp‑H

1 Fancy Double




1 Fiddlin' Man Turn

2 Scoots

1 Fancy Double Turn 1/4 to the left on last RS


2 Cowboys DS, DS, DS, Brush‑Slide, DS, RS, RS, RS. Turn

to the right on the RS's.

1 Shave & a Hair Cut Stomp, DS(XIF), S(XIB), & Hop(IB)‑Step(XIF)

1 Triple Roll Turn full turn to the right, use stomp for 1st DS.


Sequence: Intro, A, B, C, B, A, D, C, B, Ending