Melody Hoedown


8 Beat Wait

Ladies start right foot lead, men left

Front 4 Couples at front of stage, 2 on each side, facing inward at an angle

Remaining couple have two columns, facing directly forward


8 Clogs Front couples, centers cross to have all partners split to different sides

Remaining couples blend to one column

Front Couples Only

8 Triples 1st two only will begin and do a right turn through to next, 1st four only

will now do a left turn through, continue through remaining 4 triples

8 Clogs Front couples move to the back and blend to the column. The remaining couples move the column forward

2 Clogs Slide column slightly apart

14 Clogs Men begin at the back moving forward to pick up new partner, rearranging the line up

1 Vine Apart

1 Triple Brush

1 Vine Apart

1 Triple


22 Clogs and a Triple for the Ladies

24 Clogs for the Men

Begin cloverleafing away to reform as couples, continue moving forward with those the roll inward forming a line in front the others moving around to have a line behind. The back line should offset to the right one position from the front line

HoeDown 1

DS, DT (up)-H, DS, DT (up)-H, DS, DS, DS, DT (up) H. Do this four times.

On the 1st Triple Up, all of the ladies move forward one position, there will now be 4 lines

On the 2nd, front two lines back up directly to form two lines, watch to the left so that the lines are reformed with ladies in front and men in the back

Other two hoedown sets in place


4 Brush Turns

No turn on the first. The remaining 3, ladies turn right, men left


24 Clogs Figure 8

20 Clogs Meet partner, ladies twirl to face same direction as man, arch and continue forward over the next lady

4 Clogs Face in


HoeDown 2

Left allemande and right and left grand to partner. Ladies roll in to form a couple and follow lead couple off stage.