Nothing to Lose by Marcel

Choreo: Joe J. VanHorn, 3118 East 42nd Street, Des Moines, IA 50317 (515) 265-3652, email: web site:



16 Beat Wait

Left Foot Lead

2 Double Ups                                         DS, DT(Up & XIF)-H

1 Triple Double Up

2 Double Ups

1 Down & Kick                                       DS, DS(& Bend Knees), Pause, Hop & Kick, RS

                                                            R    L                 B                       R       L     LR

Part A:
2 Basic Buck                                         Dbl-Ball, Heel-Ball, Heel Step

                                                              L    L      R    R      L      L


1 Push Off Buck                                    DS(XIF), R, Heel-Step, R, Heel-Step, R, Heel-Step

                                                             R           R    L      L     R    L     L     R     L      L


1 Scotty Hard Step                                DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, Hop(XLIF)-Hop(X), DT(IB)-H, Brush-H, DSRS

                                                            R     L           R   L       R     B             B         L        R      L     R   L  RL


2 Basic Buck

1 Pushoff


Part B:

1 Scotty                                                DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, Hop(XLIF)-Hop(X), Hop-Hop-Slide, DSRS

                                                            R     L           R   L       R     B             B         B      B      L     R  LR


1 Skuff & Roll                                        Hop-DT(IB)-Slide, R-S-Heel Skuff-H, Heel-Ball-S-S-S-S

                                                             L     R          L     R  L       R         L    R     R  L  R  L R


1 McNamara Swivel                                Heel Touch-RS(XIB), S(OTS), Heel(Swivel on Heel)-Ball, Tip(XIB)

                                                                   L         LR          L              R      R                    R     L

                                                            &     1         &2          &              3                            &     4


1 Fancy Double                                     DS, DS, RS, RS

1 Scotty Stamp                                                 DS-Dbl-Bo, Stamp-Stomp,S-Dbl-Bo, Stamp

                                                            L      R   L      R         R     L   R   L      R

                                                            &a1 e & a       2         &    3  e&  a       4


1 Stomp Triple                                       Stomp, DS, DS, RS


3 Crimp Roll & Step Slide                       Ball-Ball-Heel-Heel, Ball-Ball-Heel-Heel, Ball-Ball-Heel-Heel, S-Sl

                                                            R     L     R     L       R     L    R      L      R    L      R    L      R R

Break 1:

2 Double Ups

1 Down & Kick                                      


Part C:

2 Basic Bucks

1 Pushoff Buck



Part D:
2 Swivel Overs                                       DS, Ball(Swivel heel to the left while on the ball of the foot), S(XIF)

                                                            L       L               L                                                           R


1 Push Off Buck                                    Turn full turn left


2 Karate Kicks                                       DS, Chug(turn ½ left)-H, S, Chug-H

2 Brushes                                             DS, Brush-H



2 Swivel Overs                                       Move right

1 Push Off Buck                                    Turn full turn right

1 Pee Wee                                            DS, Tip-S, Heel-S, S-Tip-S, S-Heel Skuff-H, B, B, S-Heel Skuff-H, RS-DS-Tch

                                                            L      R  R     L   L   R  L   L  R       L         R  L  R  L        R        L  RL   R    L


2 Clogs                                                 DSRS

2 Basic Buck

2 Hop & Doubles                                    Hop-Hop, Dbl-Bo-Dbl-Bo

1 4ct Switch                                          Dbl-Bo(OTS), Bo(XRIF), Bo(X), Bo(XLIF), Bo(X), Bo(XRIF), Sl


Sequence: Intro, A, B, Break1, C, B, Break1, D, B, B to end