Orange Blossom Special 2001 Version
by Charlie McCoy

Choreo: J.J. VanHorn


Intro: 8 beat wait. Left foot lead.


Part A:


4 Rock Steps DS, R(XIB) & Heel(XIF), Step.

1 Chug Donkey DS, Chug (OTS) H, Touch(XIF) H, Touch (OTS) H

1 Fancy Double DS, DS, RS, RS

2 Clogs DSRS

4 Crazy Legs DS(XIB)

2 Clogs

1 Clog Over Vine DS, DS (XIF), DS, DS (XIB), DS, DS (XIF), DSRS

2 Clogs

2 Triples DS, DS, DS, RS

2 Tip Ups DS, Tip (XIB)-Heel.

2 Clog & UnClog DSRS, Stamp-Stomp, Brush-Heel

2 Crossovers DS, DT (XIF)-Heel, DT (X)-Heel, DT (XIF)-Heel.

2 Lucy Brushover DS, Brush (XIF)-Heel, DS (XIF), Tip (XIB)-Heel,

2 Clogs

2 Donkeys DS, Touch (XIF) H, Touch (OTS) H, Touch (XIF) - H

2 Clogs

2 Dbl Ups DS, DT-Heel

2 Clogs

4 Drag Steps

1 Stomp

2 Swivels


Part B:


1 Briar Set Drag (left), Step, Drag (right), Step, Drag (left), Touch,

Drag (left), Step

8 Heel Bounces Alternating heels. Turn to the left.



1 Crossover Swivel DS, DT (XIF)-Heel, DT (X)-Heel & Tip, Pause, Tip (XIB)-

Tip (OTS)-Tip (XIB), Pause, Step, DS, DS

1 Maggie Step DS, DT (XIF)-Heel, DT (X)-Heel, Hop (XLIF) - Bo & Heel

Slide, DS, DS, RS

1 Triple Joey DS, DS, DS, S (XIB), S (OTS), S (OTS), S (XIB), S (OTS) S

2 Clogs

1 Triple Joey

2 Clogs


Part C:


2 Heel Step Triples Heel-Step, Heel-Step, Heel-Step, Stamp-Stomp

2 Buttermilk Hops DS, Hop (XLIF)

1 Push Off DS, RS, RS, RS moving to the left;right



2 Stomp Double Slide Stomp, Dbl-Heel, Ball-Slide, RS

2 Clogs

2 Brushes

1 Pull Step Slide DS (turn right), RS, RS, Step Slide

1 Push Off DS DS (turn right), RS, RS, DS backing up

1 Pull Step Slide DS (turn right), RS, RS, Step Slide

1 Push Off DS DS (turn right), RS, RS, DS backing up

1 Karate Kick DS, Brush (turn 1/2)-Heel, DS, Brush-Heel

2 Brushes

1 Karate Kick

2 Brushes

2 Crossover Windmill 2 DS, DT (XIF)-Heel, DT (X)-Heel, Brush (windmill)-Heel,

Brush (windmill)-Heel, Brush-Heel, DS, DS

1 In House Plus DS, Touch (XIF)-Heel, Touch (OTS)-Heel, Touch (XIF)- Heel, Touch (OTS)-Heel, R (XIB) S, DSRS

1 Double Heel Touch DS, Heel Touch-Heel, Heel Touch-Heel

1 Double Heel Touch Plus DS, Heel Touch-Heel, Heel Touch-Heel, Skuff-Heel, Touch-Heel

2 Clogs

2 Boogie Clogs DS, Heel Touch(Toe out at angle)-Heel

2 Jump Clogs DS, Jog Step

2 Boogie Clogs

1 Stomp

2 Swivels


Part D:


2 Clogs

2 Brush

2 Brenda Swivels DS, Heel Touch(IF)-Heel, Touch(IB)-Heel, DT(OTS)-Heel

Touch(XIF)-Heel, Heel Touch(toe out at angle)-Heel,

Touch(toe in, heel out at angle)-Heel, Stamp-Heel

2 Swivel Overs DS(swivel heel out), Swivel(turn heel in)-Step(XRIF)

1 Pushoff Turn full turn to the left

2 Swivel Overs Move right

1 Pushoff Turn full turn to the right

2 Karate Kicks

7 Runs

1 Rock Stomp R (XIB) Stomp


Sequence: Intro, A, B, C, B, D