Oh Yeah



Intro:    Begin in two single file lines facing.  5 on one side; 4 on the other.  Left foot lead.  8 beat      wait.


1 Cold Hearted                                       DS, DS, Slide-Slide (using the right leg, kick in back on the                                                                                                first, forward on the second).  Move forward.

1 Triple                                                 DS, DS, DS, RS.  Move forward the line of four passing in                                                                                                front of the line of five.

1 Cold Hearted                                       Continue moving forward.  

1 Triple                                                 The two lines should have passed completely.  Now turn ½                                                                                                on the RS.

1 Fancy Double                                      DS, DS, RS, RS.  Move lines forward.

1 Pull Step Slide                                     DS, RS, RS, Step-Slide.  Lines pass through to exchange                                                                                                   positions.

1 High Horse                                          DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, RS, Step-Slide (turn full turn                                                               clockwise on the RS, Step-Slide), DS, DS, RS.

1 Cold Hearted                                       Move forward

1 4 ct. Touch & Drag-Slide                     DS, Touch(IF) & Drag-Slide. Drag-Slide, Drag-Slide.  This                                                                                                is done in place.

1 Karate Kick                                         DS, Brush(turn ½ left)-H, DS, Brush Slide.

1 Fancy Double                                      Move lines forward.

1 Pull                                                    DS, RS, RS, RS.  Lines exchange positions again.

1 Triple                                                 Roll to the right to face front.

1 Chase Heel & RS                                 Heel-Heel-Heel-Heel, RS 

L       L      R     R

2 Clogs                                                 DSRS

1 Crazy Clog                                          DS(XIB), RS

1 Chase Heel & RS                                 Right foot lead

2 Clogs

1 Crazy Clog

1 Pony                                                  Hop, Tip-Step, Step, Heel Skuff-Slide.  Move left.

L        R     R      L           R           L

5 Steps                                                  Front line backs up to back line and arms go up and over.

1 Touch                                                Touch left toe in place to hold.

2 Buck Clogs                                         Dbl-Ball, Heel-Ball, Heel-Step.

1 Pushoff                                              DS(XIF), RS, RS, RS.

1 Carpet Slide                                        DS, DS(XIF)-S(XIB), DS(OTS)-S(IB), Slide-Step(XIB)

R     L            R           L              R           R     L

1 Triple                                                 Do the DS(XIB).


2 Clogs                                                 Begin rotating entire line clockwise.  Use right end as pivot

1 Pushoff                                              point and move quickly.



1 Hop and Skuff                                     Hop, Heel-Skuff Slide

  B            L            R

1 Clog & 1 DS                                       XRIF on DS

1 Cross Wing & RS

1 Stationery Vine                                    DS(OTS), DS(XIB), DS(OTS), DS(OTS), DS(XIB), DS(OTS),                                                                                         Double-Double-Double(XIF)

1 Traveling Black Mountain                     DS, Heel-Heel, Step-Step-Step-Slide.  (Line 4 moves forward                                                                                             and turns ½ to face line 5)

1 Fancy Double                                      Move to alamo line


1 TMB                                                  DS, Heel-Heel, Double-Tip(XIB), Bounce & Heel, Slide

L       R       R         R        R                  B             L       R

1  Fancy Double

2 Clogs                                                 Turn ½ right; left; right; left.  Ends will need to compensate

1 Brush & Clog                                     DS, Brush-Slide, DSRS



1 Whirlwind                                          DS, DS, Rock-Heel Pivot (1/2 left), Step

L     R      L           R             L

1 Triple


1 Pony                                                  Left; right

5 Steps & RS                                        Move to a single file line, facing front with line 4 in front of 5



1 Brushover Vine                                  DS, Brush(XIF)-Slide, DS, RS, DS, DS(XIB), DSRS

1 Billie                                                  RS, Double-Double-Step(XRIF), Double(OTS)-Step(XRIB)-

RL       R         R        R                    R                  R



1 Fancy Double                                     Line 5 turn ½ to face the back.


2 Triples                                               Two lines move forward and form figure 8

2 Mountain Goats                                  Stomp, DS, R(XIF) S(OTS) R(OTS) S(XIF).  Leaders of                                                                                                lines move toward one another to meet.

8 Clogs                                                 Weave through the lines

1 Chase Heel & RS

6 Steps                                                 Form two circles, one inside the other.  Ready for next                                                                                                    movement.

16 Clogs                                               Weave the basket.  Use the odd person to center and                                                                                                      she can exchange with every other one so she’s not stuck in                                                                                            the center the entire time.

2 Triples                                               Back the circles together.

4 Clogs                                                 Both circles, arms up and behind to one circle.

2 Canadian Basics                                

1 Fancy Double                                     Split the circle in back and pull to one line.  Arms still around                                                                                            in back

1 Hoedowner                                        DS, R(XIF)S(XIB), R(OTS)S(XIF), Step(XIB)-Slide.

1 Mountain Goat

1 Joey                                                   DS(OTS), Step(XIB)-Step(OTS)-Step(OTS)-Step(XIB)                                                             Step(OTS)-Step(OTS)

1 Fancy Double

1 Carpet Slide                                       Move toward the right and begin to form pyramid.

1 Triple                                                 Finish pyramid.

1 Brushover Vine                                  Pyramid moves to the left.

2 Stomps

Turn knees inward and then do a pull back to end dance.