Old McDonald, XYZ Bonanza Dance Party

Choreo: Chip Woodall

32 beat wait.Left foot lead.

Part A:

1 Vine Spin††††††††††††††††† DS, DS(XIF), DS, S(turn Ĺ right)

1 Fancy Double††††††††††† DS, DS, RS, RS



8 Step Rocks†††††††††††††† S, RS.Turn 1/4 left on the 1st 4, Turn 1/4 right on 2nd 4.


Part B:

4 Stomp Ups††††††††††††††† Stomp, Dbl-H, Dbl-H, Dbl-H.Angle left;right;left;right.

4 Stomp Doubles††††††††† Stomp, DS, DS, RS.Turn 1/4 left on each.

Break Step†††††††††††††††††† Step(XIB) Pause, Step(XIB) Pause, 4 Step Slides


Part C:

Old McDonald DSRS, DRS, DS, RS, RS, RS.Repeat to the right.

1 Donkey†††††††††††††††††††† DS, DS, DS(XIB), Drag Step(XIF), Sl-S, Dr-S, Sl-S, Dr-S


1 Samantha††††††††††††††††† DS, DS(XIF), Dr-S, Dr-S, RS, DS, DS, RS

1 Joey††††††††††††††††††††††††† DS, S(XIB), S(OTS), S(OTS), S(XIB), S(OTS), S

1 Shave & Hair Cut††††† Stomp, DS(XIF)-S(XIB), Hop-Step(XIF)


Continue repeating Part C and add in sequence the following steps after Old McDonald:

Dog††††††††††††††††† DS, DS, HH, BB, HH, BB, HH, BB

Cow†††††††††††††††† DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, Windmill-2, DS, RS, RS

Now repeat the first two steps in Part B, then the Vine Spin to front and back and then

the Break Step.


Continue repeating Part C, adding in sequence after the Odl McDonald:

Sheep†††††††††††††† Dbl(XLIF)-Bo-Bo-Sl, Dbl(XRIF)-Bo-Bo-Sl, 4 Crazy Legs Back

Goose††††††††††††† 2 Slow Bird walks & 4 fast Bird walks

Chicks††††††††††††† Tip & Crimp Roll, Tip & Crimp Roll, 4 Crimp Rolls


On Last Old McDonald, end with only 2 RSís