Ol’ Joe Clark

Barrage Soundtrack CD

Choreo: JJ VanHorn


Intro: 16 beat wait.  Left foot lead.  Start in two single file columns facing front


Part A:

2 Crazy Clogs                          DS(XIB), RS

1 Triple                                    DS(XIB), DS(XIB), DS(XIB), RS


8 Clogs                                    DSRS  Face the back on 1 and slide out to F-M-B position.  Adjust to make at least four columns of FMB


Part B:

2 Cross Chugs                          Chug(XIF)-H, Chug(X)-H

1 Double Back Brush               DT(IB)-H, Brush-H

1 Push Off                                DS(XIF), RS, RS, RS  **last time thru omit last RS and replace with a Hop (legs up and IB) Be ready for next step.



Part C:

2 Country Clogs                       DT-H, DS(XIB), RS, Chug(OTS)-H

2 DS

1 Turkey Triple                         Rock, Heel-Ball(turn ¼ left), Step(XIB), DS, DS, DS RS



Part D:

1 Clog Over Vine                     DS(OTS), DS(XIF), DS(OTS), DS(XIB), DS(OTS), DS(XIF), DS, RS          Move to the left

1 Shave & A Hair Cut              Stomp, DS(XIF)-Step, Pause, Hop-Step(XIF)

1 Triple                                    DS, DS, DS, RS          Roll ¾ left

2 Rhythm Slides                        S-Sl, R-S-S-Sl, R-S-S-Sl, R-S-S

S-Sl, R-S-S-Sl, R-S-S-Sl, R-S-Sl        Move forward, columns 1 & 3 move up to be just behind 2 & 4, ready to blend lines to original column line up face stage right

6 Clogs                                    Move to a circle, catch hands on 4

1 Rooster Run                          DS, DS(XIF), R(OTS), S(XIB), R(OTS), S(XIF)

6 Clogs                                    1st , 3rd, 5th roll away, 2nd , 4th, 6th set the circle

1 Double                                  DS, DS, RS     Move to center

Yell - Hey

1 Pause                                    Change weight

1 Pivot Clog                             Pivot (1/2 right)-Step, DS, RS  Begin move out

1 Triple                                    Splits circle

4 Clogs                                    and move to two columns

1 Turkey                                  Drag Heel-Ball, Step, DSRS     Split columns to 4 lines, L - R

1 Double Rock Brush               DS, DS, RS, Brush-H

1 Turkey                                  Finish split to 4 lines, L - R

1 Double Rock Brush

1 Clog Over Vine                     Move left

1 High Horse                            DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, RS, S-Sl, DS, DS, RS

1 Clog Over Vine                     Move right

1 High Horse                            Face center of lines on DS at end, RS, catch hands to Alamo line

1 Black Mountain                     DS, Bo-Bo (rt heel out), Pause, Bo(rt Tip IB), Bo(lt heel out), Sl  Moving forward, stretching the alamo

1 Fancy Double                        Moving back, stretching

2 Clogs                                    Turn ½ right

1 Brush Forward & Clog          DS, Brush-H, DSRS

1 Black Mountain                     Moving forward, stretching

1 Fancy Double                        Moving back, stretching

2 Clogs                                    Turn ½ right

1 Brush Forward & Clog

12 Clogs                                  Those that can move forward to new line, move forward and to the left of the new person, all catch hands in lines on 4, hands back and up on 5 & 6, rotate individual lines on remaining 6 to end in one line facing front

2 Triples                                   Move to F-M-B positions, this will be a new line up from beginning

2 Step RS                                This is on the down beat!!!!

2 Steps


Repeat PART B omitting the ** portion


2 Country Clogs

1 Double Rock Brush

1 Fancy Double

6 Clogs                                    Move to final position, pyramid, shortest to tallest

1 Double                                  DS, DS, RS

Hand Up & Yell                       End