Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (2004)

Choreo: Joe J VanHorn, 3118 E. 42nd St, Des Moines, IA 50317 Phone: (515) 265-3652; email:; website:


Into: 4 beat wait; left foot lead


3 steps and jump

Dble-up Synco-Vine Flange Step DT-H, DS, Rock-Tip-Step, Rock-Tip-Step Bo-Heel Flange-Bo-Heel-Flange-Bo-DT-Slide-Step(XIB)

Bounce Turn DT-Bo(XIB), DT-Bo(XIB), Heel(Up)-Slide, RS, DS, DS, Tip-Step, Heel-Step, Skuff(Up)-Slide

Split Step DS, DS(Split), Step, Heel Skuff-H, Tch-H

Pull step DS, RS, RS, RS

Scotty DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, Bo(XLIF)-Bo(X), Bo-Bo(full turn left)-Slide, DSRS

8ct Double-Doubles RR-LL-RRRR-LL-RR-LL-L-Slide

Heel around Dbl-S-Dbl-S, DT(IB)-Tip-Step, Heel Step, Skuff, Heel(planted)-Tip Step, Hop DT(IB)-H, Hop, DT(IB)-H, Hop Tip(XIF)-Bo-Tip(IB)-Bo, Skuff-H

Pull DS, DS, RS, RS

Bounce Kick Turn Dbl-Bo-Kick-Bo-Kick-Bo-Heel(Up)-Slide, RS, DS, DS, RS

Extended Hoedowner DS, R(XIF)S(XIB), R(OTS)S(XIF), Step(XIB)-Slide, Step(XIB)-Slide, S(IB)-S(IF), R(XIF)S(XIB), Step(IB)-Slide

2 If Steps Dbl-Tip(Toe in &H), Heel(Toe out), Step(XIF)

3 Hop Heel Steps

1 Rock Kick Step

1 Skuff Forward Step, Heel Skuff, Step Heel Skuff, RS-DS-Tch

Carpet Slide Turn DS, Dbl-R(XIF)-S(XIB), Dbl-R(OTS)-S, Slide-Step

Whirlwind (end with a tch) DS, DS, R-Heel Pivot, Touch

American DS, Dbl-Bo, Dbl-Bo, Tip-Step, Dbl-Bo-Tch

Modified M&M

Goose Step Kick-Step (soldier kicks)

Split Step/Swivel Overs/Riffle

Fancy Double

Down & Kick DS, DS, DS, DS(down)-Pause-Kick, RS, RS-Dbl-S-Tch

Twist It Dbl-S-Dbl-S-Tip(XIB)-S, Dbl-S-Dbl-S-Tip(XIB)-S, Dbl-S-Dbl-S, Slur forward-S, Slur forward-Step, RS, Dbl-S-Tch

Kick Swivel Kick, S-Tip-S, Heel-S, Kick-Step, RS, Hop Swivel(Over), RS, Hop, Jog-Jog-Jog

3X DS, DS, Rock-Heel-Pivot-Step

1 Dragging Triple Drag Step, Drag Step, Drag Step, RS

1 Donkey DS, Touch(OTS)-H, Touch(XIF)-H, Touch(OTS)-H

1 Heel-skuff jazz spin (end out together up)

1 Donkey

1 Clog-over-skuff vine

1 Toe Tapper

1 Cross-over 2

1 4ct dble rocks

Fancy Double

Billy Step Slide



Pivot step

Step heel step heel step

Step across step to side turn step tch

Swivel 3

Lunge pull step tch


pivot step rock heel step rock heel step

step Hydrant Jazz Spin (end out together)


Heel Skuff Jazz Spin (end out together up)

Split Step

Step heel-skuff step heel-skuff rs dble hop tch

Shell Step (end with ds rs)

Clog and heel pullback tch

Clog and heel pullback tch heel pullback tch

Drag step drag step drag step ds down hop hop hop ds rs-END