Song of the King

Choreography: Joe VanHorn, 3118 E 42nd St, Des Moines, IA 50317,



16 beat wait

Left foot lead


2 Rhythm Steps                         Step-Slide-Step-Drag-Step-Clap

2 Step Touches

1 Heel Bounce


Part A:

2 Clogs                                     DSRS

2 Ankle Rolls                             DS(XIB)-Flange-Flange-Flange

2 Over Vine Steps                      DS, DS(XIB), DS, Step (turn ½ right)

2 Heel Pull & Heel Touch            Move left;right

1 Crossover Tip                          DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, Tip(IB)-H

2 Clogs

2 Brushes                                 DS, Brush-H

1 Crossover Tip

2 Bell Kicks Plus                       DS, Bell Kick, RS, Bell Kick

1 Cowboy                                  DS, DS, DS, Brush-H, DS, RS, RS, RS

2 Heel Pull & Heel Touch            Move left;right

1 Cowboy

2 Triple Clap Basics                   Step, Step(XIB), Clap-Step-RS


Part B:

1 Ritchie                                   DS(OTS), DS(XIF), DS(OTS), DS(XIB), R, S(XIF), R, S(XIB), DSRS

1 Triple Heel Pivot                      DS, DS, DS, R-Heel Pivot ( ¼ left & Pause)

1 Heel Step Move                       Step, Heel-Step, Heel-Step, Heel-Step


Part C:

2 Chasin’ The Heels                   Heel-Heel-Step, RS

1 Fancy Double                         DS, DS, RS, RS

1 Big Kick  **                             DS, DBL-Bo-Kick, Step, Heel-Ball, Heel-Step

1 Fancy Double


1 Travelin’ Shoes                        DS, Heel Touch-Heel, Heel Tch-Heel, Heel Tch-Heel (turn ¼ left)

1 Triple                                      DS, DS, DS, RS




SEQUENCE: Intro, A, B, C, A, B, C **


** End here and add a step