Step By Step

New Kids On The Block


8 beat wait left foot lead


intro 32 beats

1 Hop Rock Hop ds hop rs hop

2 Bell Rock Bell ds bell-kick rs bell-kick

1 hop rock hop

4 hop & touches hop tch tch tch alternate footwork

l r r r

7 hops both feet out x out x out x out

1 pivot

4 jogs


Part A 32 beats

3 replaces & lift ball-heel ball-heel ball-heel sl & clap

r l l r r l r

1 Fancy Double

1 Karate Kick turn

1 Polly Wolly ds dt-sl s dl (1rst in place 2nd face front)

Repeat all of A again same footwork


Part B 72 beats

1 heel pivot hop(on ball) heel pivot (full turn) step

r l r

1 slide forward ds sl r h b sl r h b s sl (1/4 right) r h s

l l r l l l r l l rr l r r

1 step around d d (xif) d (o) t b t s h b s heel sk-sl b sl s s heel sk-sl b sl s sl

l r r r r l l r r l r l r l r l r l r l r r

(face back on 1rst front on 2nd)

Repeat above 3 steps

Hop Toe Drags hop (on ball & extend the left leg out and to the back)

Toe after the 4th step on right foot

1 Fancy Double

4 Double Hop Toe dble hop toe

2 clogs

Repeat above 4 steps

2 runs

1 pull & step sl dr (move to left) rs ds ds step (xif & left)


Part C 96 beats

2 ds heel 1rst heel sk-dr baal step (alternate feet and on the 2nd-xrif on ball & s

down on both feet uncrossed

1 ballet skuff hop into the air toes pointed down and cross right behind the left

as you come down to the floor, recross the ffet-left in front, land

weight on right

3 Double Toes dble bo toe (alternate footwork)

1 Heel Slide

1 karate kick

2 clogs

Repeat Part C

1 pull & rock sl dr (move to left) rs rs

1 Slayer hop ds (dt in circular motion IB and place weight on the ball

of the right foot) rs r0stamp

1 pushoff

Repeat Slayer and pushoff

1 Hop ball heel (body at angle extend hands out to left

bring arms in at chest; out; and then down

2 clogs

1 head pop

1 Hop


Part D 72 beats

3 replaces & lift

1 fancy double` (turn left)

1 karate kick

1 Polly Wolly

Repeat 3 more times

2 runs

1 pull & step stay facing front


Sequence: intro a b a b c d d (do a total of 5 last one facing front and end there)