The Child (Inside)


Intro: 16 Beat wait.  Left Foot lead.  Follow the Page for Sequence.


Part A:

1 Synco Vine                            DS, Rock-Tip(IB)-Step, Rock-Tip(IB)-S-DS-Touch(IF)

L       R       L           L       R      L         L   R      L


L      R             L         L   R   LR

2 Ponys                                    Hop, Tip(XIB)-S, Hop, Heel Skuff-Sl

L         R           R    L           R         L

1 Fancy Double                        DS, DS, RS, RS

1 CJ                                         Hop, Dbl-Dbl, Hop-Touch, Bo-Kick-Step, DS & Pull Back-

   L      R    R     L       R       L     R      R     L          R

Touch, Hop, Tip(XIB)-S,Hop,Heel Skuff-Sl, Hop, R-DSRS

    L        L      R           R    L         R         L     R   L    RLR

2 Rolling DS                             DS, Heel-Ball-Heel

L        R     R     L

1 Fancy Double


1 PeeWee                                DS-Tip(IB)-S, Hl-S, R-Tip(IB)-S, S-Hl Skuff, S-S-S,

L      R        R   L L   R   L         L R     L         L R L

Hl-Skuff, DS, Dbl-Bo-Touch

    R          R     L    R      L

1 Carpet Slide              DS, DS(XIF)-S(XIB), DS-S, Sl-S(XIB)

 L     R           L            R   L   L R

1 Modified Carpet Slide           DS-DS-DS-S, DS-S, Slide

L    R    L   R   L   R    R

2 Dyno Doubles                       Dbl-Dbl, Hop-Tip-Heel-Stamp

  L      L    L     R     L       R

1 Triple Crazy Clog                  DS(XIB), DS(XIB), DS(XIB), RS



Part B:

1 Samantha Pull Back               DS, DS(XIF), Drag-S, Drag-S, Hl-S, Tip-S, Hl-S, Hl Skuff-

L     R                 R   L    L    R   L L    R R   L   L     R

Bo-Ball Slap-Step-Sl & Tip(IB), Pull Back, Stamp-Clap

L          R         R   R       L               R             L

1 Bounce Thing                        Dbl-Bo, Hl Bo, R-Tip(IB)-S, Hl-S, Hl-S, Tip(IB)-Hop, DS-

  L    B      B      L   R        R    L L   R R    L           R      L

Dbl-Bo-T(XIF), Bo-T(IB), Bo-T(XIF)-Sl

   R   L   R           L   R         L   R         R



1 Samantha Pull Back

1 Canadian Tap                        DS, Dbl-Bo, Stamp-Stamp, S-Dbl-Bo, Tip(IB)-Tip(IB), S-

L       R   L       R         R     R   L    R     L          L          L


R R L   L R R L R

1 Brush Turn                            DS, Br-Sl, DS, R(turn 1/4 left) S

1 Slide Stomp                           DS-Sl, RS, S-Sl, Stamp(turn 1/4 to the left)

2 Doublin’ Crimps                    Dbl-Dbl, B-B-H-H

1 Brush Turn                            Turn ˝ left


Part A, do a full spin to the left after the 2nd Fancy Double, then finish A


Part B, omit the first two steps


Part A, omit the Dyno Doubles Set


Part C

1 Clog Over Vine

1 Tip Stamp                             DS, Tip(roll from tip to ball placing weight on foot)-

R       L      

Tip(IB)-S. Flange-Flange, Stamp-Sl.

R           R     L          R         L      R

1 Fancy Double

1 Extended Gregory Mix          Hop, Hl-Skuff, Crimp Roll, RS, Greg Switch-Tch-Lift-S

   L        R          R-L-R-L   R L         R             L    L   L

Tip(XIB)-Bo, Tip(OTS)-Bo, Tip(XIF)-Bo, Tip(OTS)-S,

  R            L    R              L     R           L      R            R

Spin ˝ left, S, Hop, Hl Skuff, Hop, Tip(IB)-S,Hop,Tip(IB)-

        L         R    L       R          R       L         L   R     L

S, Bo-Dbl(OTS)-Dbl(OTS), Bo-Hl&Tip-Bo, Hop Dbl-Bo,

L   B     L              R             B     L&R     B     L     R    L





Part A, Start at the PeeWee and continue to Dyno Doubles do 2 of them and a Fancy Double


Part A, Omit the PeeWee, Carpet Slide, & Modified Carpet Slide, then do two Dyno Doubles and a Fancy Double


Part A, Go thru the Fancy Double before the CJ, skip to the Dyno Doubles do two then a Fancy Double.  Now go to Part C and do it one time thru making a full turn on the Gregory.