We’re So Good Together

Choreo: Joey J. VanHorn


Intro:  No wait.  Left foot lead


Part A:
2 Clogs                                   DSRS
1 Black Mountain                 DS, BO-BO(right heel IF), BO (tip right IB & turn 1/4 left), BO(left heel IF)

2 Clogs

4 Toe Slides                          Slide-Steps   Turn 1/2 to the left


Part B:
2 Carpet Clog                        DS, Dbl-Rock(XIF)-S

1 Buck Basic                         Dbl-Ball, Heel-Ball, Heel-Step

1 Canadian Basic                  Dbl-Step-Dbl-Bo-Touch

1 Fast Pull                              Dbl-Ball-Ball-Ball-Ball, Ball(IB)-Slur(flat foot)-Step, RS, DS, DS, RS

                                                  L     L      R     L      R     L              R                   R        LR   L     R    LR


1 Over Vine Bounce             DS, DS(XIF), DS, Bo-Bo (extend right heel OTS), Kick(XIF)-Kick(X), RS, RS, (turn full turn right)  Step Slide


1 Canadian Basic 

1 Basic Buck

1 Canadian Tip                     Dbl-Step-Dbl-Bo-Tip (IB)  (Turn ¾ to the left)

1 Tip Basic                            Dbl-Ball, Tip-Ball, Tip-Step

1 Scotty Slur                         DS-Slur-Step-Step-Step-Slur-Step-Step-Step-Slur-Step-Step-Step, RS

                                                 L     R      R       L       R      L      L       R       L       R      R      L       R      LR


1 Pull Step Slide                    DS, RS, RS, Step Slide  (Turn ¼ to the left to face front)

1 Modified Sheryl                DS, Dbl-Bo, Stamp-Stomp, Hop, Dbl-Bo, Stamp-Stamp-Stomp, DS, DS, RS


Part C:
2 Kentucky Drags                DS, Drag(XIF) Step (XIF)

1 Fancy Double Plus           DS, DS(XIF), Rock-Tip(XIB)-Step, Rock-Heel(XIF)-Step

1 Turn Back                           DS, DT(IB)-Heel, Pause, Step, RS.  Turn full turn right.

1 Tip Heel                              DS-Tip (IB), Step-Heel, Step-Heel, Step-Heel-Slide

1 Synco Vine                         DS, Rock-Tip(IB)-Step, Rock-Tip(IB)-S-DS-Touch(IF)

L       R       L           L           R      L         L   R      L


L      R             L            L   R   LR


1 Fancy Double                    DS, DS, RS, RS

2 Brush & Pony                    DS, Brush (turn ½ to the left) – Heel, Hop-Tip(XIB)-Step, Hop-Heel Skuff-Heel

4 Skuffs                                  Step, Heel Skuff-Heel

2 Reverse McNamaras        R(OTS), S(XIB), Ball(OTS), Heel Touch (OTS)


Part D:
2 Clogs

1 Black Mountain

2 Clogs                                   DSRS

1 Jog Vine                              DS, Step‑Step(XIF)‑Step‑Step(XIB), Ball‑Step.  Turn 1/4 to the left on the DS.

1 Fancy Double

1 Slider Step-Slide                DS, Slide, RS, Slide, Step (turn ¼ to the left) – Slide



1 Burton                                 DBL-DBL-DBL-Slide


Part E:

2 Kentucky Drags

1 Fancy Double Plus

1 Turn Back

1 Tip Heel

1 Synco Vine

1 Fancy Double

6 Brush & Pony

4 Skuffs

4 Reverse McNamaras


2 Clogs

1 Pushoff                               DS, RS, RS, RS



SEQUENCE: Intro, A, B, C,  A,  B, C,  D,  E