West Bound (2:47 minutes)


Intro: Left foot lead with main music.  Begin two lines, single file, facing and ready to move on stage.  The lines should be by height; short to tall on each side.


16 clogs                        Move onto stage.  Blend to one line, move forward and then begin separating into a  “V”                                                       formation by alternating every set of two. (Arm movements: When almost all are to “V”:                                                       thrust pull. Also over the head & clap; immediately bring back to sides.)

1 Triple                         Shortest of the two move back and to the left of the other to form a couple.

1 Triple                         Lace across.

1 Brush Forward & Clog Back

1 Touch Set                   DS, Heel Touch-H, Heel Touch-Heel, Rock, Heel Touch                                                                                                     L            R           L         R            L        R             L

(Arm movements: right arm up and diagonal on each right Heel Touch bringing it                                                                  immediately back down after each.  Then out with the left & diagonal on the left Heel                                                           Touch.)

2 Clogs                         Each side of the “V” turn 1/4 to face in.

1 Pull                            DS, RS, RS, RS. Clap and begin collapse of the “V” to two line of couples facing                                         =======> <=======.  (Arm movements: use if possible.)

2 Clogs                         Continue to

1 Triple                         Finish collapse.

4 Clogs                         Position spread across the stage and facing front.

1 Heel Bounce Set          Dbl, Bo-Bo(right heel out), Bo-Bo(left heel out), Bo(right heel out)-Bo(left heel out), Slide.  (Arm                                            movements: position arms on the bounces)

1 Fancy Double              DS, DS, RS, RS. (Arm movements: arms up & out - “L” position                                                                                       right and left on each RS)

4 Clogs                         Reposition lines to be ready to change sides.

1 Kick Step                    Dbl-Kick, RS, Kick, RS, Kick(XIF)-Kick(OTS), RS, Step-Slide.  Begin changing sides.

8 Clogs                         Finish changing sides and form columns of pairs facing the audience.  Free arm should go                                                    behind the back.  Make an arch on 8.

8 Triple                         Leaders in front dive single file holding hands and move to a circle.

2 Sliders                        DS, Slide, RS, Slide, Step-Slide.  Move to center.  (Arm movements: arms up on the first                                                      L        L     RL     L        R      R                                     slide of each step)

4 Clogs                         Partner trade with the 2's continuing to turn and face inward in an alamo circle.  Stretch the circle                                         outward.

2 Clogs                         Turn ½ by the left (then right;left)

1 King’s Kick                 DS, Brush, Dbl-Kick-Kick-Kick

   Repeat above two steps two more times


4 Clogs                         Left allemande

8 Clogs                         Right & Left Grande.  2 clogs for each person.  Free hand in the air.

4 Clogs                         Left allemande to two circles one on the inside and one on the outside each ready to move in                                                 opposite directions.

4 Clogs                         Move forward to meet partner.  Make an arch on 4.

16 Clogs                        Lead couple begin diving under arches single file and move out to a single file column.

4 Clogs                         Finish the column

1 Brush Forward & Clog Back

4 Steps                          Peel away 3/4.  (Arm movements: swing arms on the steps)

4 Clogs                         Continue moving in peel away fashion to two line on a diagonal with the 2's facing front,                                                       stage left, 1's back stage right.

1 Pull Step Slide             DS, RS, RS, Step-Slide.  Finish movement to diagonal lines.  (Arm movements: use on the                                                    Pull and on the clogs, up and over the head)

4 Steps                          Move to form a “V” with the 2's in front and the 1's form a backwards (from the 2's)  line up                                               of “/\”. (Use arms again)

1 Pull Step Slide             2's in place; 1's change slide to a single file column.

4 Step                           All move to a single “/\” with the 2's in front.  (Use arms again)

Drop Movement             2's step lift right knee up and arms up in the arm then fall back to the 1's.  1's catch and lift                           back up.

12 clogs                        Spread across the stage similar to position after the “V” collapse.

4 Peel Offs

1 Scotty Bounce             DS, DT(XIF)-H, DT(X)-H, Bo-Bo, Bo (extend the left foot out). (Arm movement: on the last bounce use the left “L”)