White Water


Intro:††††††††††††††† Walk on stage in column of couples.Split and form single line facing audience.Men on the left side; women on the right.Left foot lead after the intro.



12 Clogs†††††††††† DSRS.Center couple moves forward to begin forming a column. Rest of the couple follow by moving sideways to center and then forward in the column.Make an arch on 12.


20 Clogs†††††††††† Back couple dives through the arch and begins peel away.From here lead couple begins to form a pyramid.All couples follow.


4 Brush Turns†† DS, Brush-Heel, DS, RS.Turn 1/4 to the left on the RS.

2 Triples†††††††††† DS, DS, DS, RS.Lace stroll.

2 Clogs†††††††††††† Ladies roll in toward partner.End in front of partner and in shadow vars.

2 Brushes†††††††† DS, Brush-Heel.


2 Jump Back†††† Jump(on to left foot), Touch (IF)- Heel, DSRS.

1 Triple

2 Clogs



4 Clogs†††††††††††† 1st move to regular vars., 2nd in place, 3rd & 4th menís arms up and over.

4 Clogs†††††††††††† 1st turn as a couple, 2nd & 3rd move in to a column (left in front of right), 4th face the front in column.

24 Clogs†††††††††† Follow lead couple in peel away with the ladies rolling out of vars. when reaching the front of the column.Lead moves to a coumn facing audience right. On last 2 clogs, all face front.


1 Jump††††††††††††† Turn 1/4 to the left, single file.End with right heel up.

3 Heel Drops††† Heel (R), Heel (L), Heel (R)

2 Clogs



2 DS†††††††††††††††† Slow

4 DS†††††††††††††††† Regular speed.Catch hands on 1, all face front on 4.

24Clogs††††††††††† Lead man weaves the line (4 times) and leads to a single file, clockwise circle.

2 Clogs†††††††††††† Men roll full turn counter-clockwise to form a single file, clockwise circle on the outside.Women roll opposite, 1 Ĺ turns, to end on the inside of circle, counter-clockwise.

6 Clogs†††††††††††† Move forward in separate circles to meet partner.Be side-by-side on 6.

8 Clogs†††††††††††† Change positions on 1 (clockwise) and move forward to meet again on the opposite side of the circle.

4 Clogs†††††††††††† Twirl to open position.

16 Clogs†††††††††† Lead couple arches and others dive and move off stage.