William Tell Overture


Intro: Left foot lead. Two lines single file facing.


1 Triple DS, DS, DS, RS

1 Fancy Double DS, DS, RS, RS

4 Sets to move onto stage, right & left grande style.


1 Stomp, Dbl-H, RS, Step-SL Turn to the left

1 Fancy Double

8 Crazy Legs DS(XIB), pull to a /\ formation, still facing back.

1 Stomp Dbl-H, RS, Step SL Turn to the left

1 Fancy Double

2 Clog DSRS

2 Brushes DS, Br-Sl

6 Heel McNamaras Rock(XLIB)-S(XRIF), R(OTS), Heel Touch(OTS)

Move to reverse the /\ to a V

2 Clogs

1 Touch Step Touch(XIF)-H, Touch(X)-H, 2 Reverse Birdwalks, Dbl-Bo,

Heel(L)-Bo, Dbl(IB)-H, Tip-H

2 Brushes

1 High Pony DS, Dbl(IB)-H, RS, Step-Slide

4 Mountain Goats Stomp, DS, R(XLIF), S(XRIB), R(OTS), S(XLIF)

Formation moves from a V to a line. Back mvoes to front

One step for each tier. As back moves to each tier, that

New tier will roll full turn left on the 1st step. If you are

Moving forward or rolling, do shuffles in place

1 Heel Touch Step DS, Heel Touch(Swivel toe in to out)-H, Heel Touch(toe

out)-H, Tip(IB)-H

1 Triple Girls roll full turn right

2 Clogs Guys go full turn right around ladies. Right arm remains on

girls waist

1 Fancy Double Girls move forward to front line, rolling to the right

2 Turkeys Drag, Heel-Toe-Step, DSRS. Left; Right

1 Crimp Roll Ball - Ball - Heel - Heel

1 Hop & Touch



8 Clogs Rock out; in; out, orbit to arms around waist facing front

2 Triple Brush DS, DS, DS, Brush-Sl. Roll as a couple

2 Triples Girls twirl on 1st, guys on 2nd

2 Clogs

2 Basic Canadians Hop-Dbl-Dbl-Hop Touch

2 Brushover Vines DS, Br(XIF)-H, DSRS, DS, DS(XIB), DSRS

Girls move to a front line, gusy to a back line

1 PUTVT Stomp, DS(XIB), RS(OTS), S-S-S, DS, DS, RS.

Exchange lines. Turn 1/4 on the DSRS and exchange the

Lines on the SSS.

1 Triple

2 Clogs On 2nd time, rock & twirl to a couple, Dance position


8 Polka Steps Bo-Step, RS

Move to a circle with 6 of them. Spinning as a couple on

Each step. On 7 positon selves, 8 open to a circle facing out

Lift 1 Girls step into guys, cartwheeling off ground to opposite

End facing out

2 Clogs

Lift 2 Guys step in, turning toward girl, she squats, guys leg goes

Over girl and he spins full turn left then pulls girls forward

and through his legs

8 Tip Steps Girls spin full left on 1st; Guys spin on the 2nd 4

Lift 3 Girls fall back into guys arms, extending right leg out and

Forward. Guy then lifts girl back to feet. All ready to begin

Left foot lead